FUNDING: The Aviva Community Fund


The Aviva Community Fund is offering up to £25,000 to local community projects across the UK. It’s a competition rather than a straightforward grant application and relies on you winning a public vote. There’s a total pot of £1.5m.

The Aviva Community Fund offers you the chance to get funding for an important cause in your community.

Open to everyone – Aviva customers, employees, insurance brokers or financial advisers (whether associated with Aviva or not) and the general public – Aviva want you to enter a project for your community and tell us what a difference these much-needed funds could make.

Get enough votes from friends, family and supporters in your community and your project could be entered into the Finals, where a judging panel will award the funds.

From our understanding – projects can very much be based around community sport clubs.

Funding Themes

There are four project categories to choose from in which to submit your entry:
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Skills for Life
  • Community support
  • Inclusivity

Submitting a project

Creating and submitting your project is easy. Just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Identify a project that will have a positive impact in your community. You can submit a project for or on behalf of any not-for-profit community organisation.
  2. Enter it in the Aviva Community Fund. (You’ll have to register.)
  3. Add photos and videos to paint a better picture for the public.
  4. Get your friends, family and more to vote for your project. Promote it by getting in touch with them, by using Facebook, Twitter, community events or any other way that will get attention.

About the judging

Judging will be based on the following:

  • Impact 40% weighting
  • Longevity and sustainability 35% weighting
  • Likelihood of success 10% weighting
  • Submission 10% weighting
  • Originality 5% weighting



Aspirational community sport club? We want to hear from you!

Following a reward of funding to test the feasibility of a thematic social investment fund to help clubs develop facilities and stadia, we’ve launched a survey targeted at clubs regarding their aspirations for future growth.

The fund, under the proposed name of ‘SportsFunder’, would enable clubs to borrow low interest capital to take ownership of facilities or develop their own.

The survey will ask clubs what their aspirations for the future are, whether they have interest in taking ownership of facilities or developing their own and how much interest they’d be willing to pay on a social investment to make it a reality. It is proposed that groups applying to the fund will need to demonstrate how the finance will enable them to deliver greater benefit to the wider community.

We as an organisation believe sport clubs can offer vast sums of community and social development yet many are prevented from developing as a result of being caught in a continual cycle spending much of their income on facilities. We hope the formation of a thematic fund such as we’re proposing will enable clubs to deliver greater value to society.

This research will allow us to map out how we can establish a Fund for groups who have raised some funding, but need more to make it a reality. Scotland is already ahead of the curve in terms of sport clubs at all levels essentially acting as social enterprises that are tackling societial issues through their activities and we hope to enable this further.

Following the survey, we’ll compile the results and examine the next steps in the formation of a social investment to determine its feasibility. The survey will be open until Sunday the 17th of September.

Complete the survey here.